Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing
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Assess your systems from the perspective of an attacker, with a focus on exploitability and demonstrating maximum impact.

A penetration test is an attack surface reduction exercise that focuses on security issues found via manual testing techniques. Often in a penetration test, issues are combined or "chained" in order to demonstrate the maximum impact these issues would have on your environment, if an actual adversary was to exploit them.

Do I Need One?

Cyber attacks are increasingly more common in this day and age. If you utilise IT systems within your business, then penetration testing should be conducted regularly. Penetration testing can provide assurance that you are taking the necessary precautions to protect your business. By regularly conducting penetration tests, it allows you to keep abreast of any risks, along with the impact and likelihood of whether it would occur.

It's What We Do

Adversify have vast experience conducting penetration tests across most of the core services businesses utilise today. Whether that be externally facing web applications and servers to multi-domain, hybrid internal environments, we've got you covered. Adversify are also specialists in infrastructure penetration testing and are among the few that can offer a comprehensive Active Directory security audit.

We use our expertise to assess risk and ensure any exposed security issues are promptly identified and closed. Adversify take pride in delivering an accurate, high-quality penetration test report and ensure that clients always receive exceptional service, with regular meetings and debrief calls once an assessment has finished.

An example of some of the different types of penetration tests we can perform are below:

  • Internal Infrastructure Assessments
  • Active Directory Assessments
  • Web Application & API Assessments
  • External Infrastructure Assessments
  • Desktop Breakout/Restricted Environment Assessments
  • Testing of Segmentation Controls
  • Database Configuration Audits
  • Firewall/Network Device Configuration Audits
  • Windows/Linux/MacOS Configuration Audits
  • Wireless Assessments

Like What You Hear?

We are always more than happy to discuss any penetration test requirements that you may have and will lend our expertise to ensure that we get your penetration test exactly right.

Please email the address below, outlining some basic requirements. E.g. Application Testing and we will get back to you, as soon as possible.

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