"In today's world, companies cannot afford for Cyber Security to be an afterthought. Therefore, we must arm businesses with the tools to aptly defend themselves. Security needs to be accessible, affordable and practical."

Daniel Horvath, Founder of Adversify

Why was Adversify founded

Adversify was founded based on the principle of making Cyber Security accessible to modern businesses of all sizes. In a saturated market it is easy to get overwhelmed, we believe in a flexible, honest and practical approach to Cyber Security.

Utilise our expertise

All our security consultants hold industry-standard qualifications that demonstrate significant expertise in the field of Penetration Testing. These accredited bodies include house-hold names such as CREST and Offensive Security.

The bigger picture

We are not here to sell you every service under the sun. Using our approach, we tailor our Cyber Security services to the needs of your organisation; taking budgetary requirements and high priority assets into consideration.

Your independent adviser

We want to build relationships with our clients. Therefore, once we have delivered our services for you, we encourage debrief meetings and ongoing communication whilst your remediation activities take place. Whether you have a question about the project undertaken or need some independent advice, we welcome the chance to help.

Meet the founder

Daniel Horvath - Founder & Senior Penetration Tester

Daniel Horvath | Founder & Senior Penetration Tester

For over 5 years, Dan has worked with clients across a wide range of sectors, helping them secure their environments. Dan is a seasoned penetration tester that is capable of delivering various different types of penetration testing projects ranging from web application and API assessments to complex, multiple-domain internal networks.

Whilst experienced in delivering many types of penetration testing, Dan specialises in internal infrastructure and Active Directory assessments. This is further compounded with the experience in building an Active Directory Security Assessment deliverable at two previous companies.

Dan takes pride in delivering an accurate, high-quality penetration test report and ensures that his clients always receive exceptional service, with regular meetings and debrief calls once an assessment has finished.

Throughout his career, Dan has followed an ethos of sharing knowledge whenever possible. It is this ethos that drives him to seize any opportunity to mentor or train other penetration testers whenever the opportunity arises.


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